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About the Program

Created in 2018 as a collaborative effort between the Indian Hills Garden Club, PhycoTech, Inc and with support of the City of St. Joseph, these gardens were planted in response to the global crisis of pollinator decline. We were inspired to do our part in reversing this unacceptable trend and purposely selected plant species native to Michigan. Native plants evolved over time to adapt to local climate and topography, and are quite resistant to drought and disease. But most importantly, they provide much more nectar than non-native plants. Pollinators searching for nectar inadvertently distribute pollen from plant to plant, providing vital fertilization so plants can proliferate and bear fruit. Many people aren’t aware that bees pollinate 71 of the 100 crops that represent 90% of global food supply. Without pollinators such as bees, we simply could not even begin to meet global food demand.

Check out the project stages below!

Before Project

Winter of 2017/2018

City of St. Joseph Large Planter - Broad Street and Main Street

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Preparing Beds & Planting

May 2018

Plants Taking Roots

June 2018