Data Management

We utilize our proprietary software, the ASA System, for all data management. ASA tracks samples from receipt to data delivery within the same software program and provides significantly more information for each sample. With ASA, we can provide numerous calculations for our customers including biovolume estimates and surface area estimates. We also provide data summaries on phyla, division, or class level automatically, depending on the analysis requested. In addition, our ASA has the capability to calculate over 89 different diversity indices and summary statistics, including Shannon, Maragalef and Berger-Parker Diversity measures, species richness and evenness, pollution tolerance for diatoms and invertebrates, environmental tolerance for algae, siltation index for diatoms, Palmer Index, Nyggards Quotients, ACC:CMN for diatoms, and EPT for invertebrates, in addition to others. All taxonomic information from organism down to coloniality and structure are provided in the data set.


Sample Reports


concentration —Report including NU/mL and Cells/mL (.pdf)

concentration and biovolume —Report including NU/mL and biovolume (.pdf)

raw data file — Excel raw data file (.xls)

rapid assay — Rapid assay report example (.pdf)


full assemblage — Full assemblage IFCB report (.pdf)

hab only — HAB only IFCB report (.pdf)


concentration — Report including Animals/L (.pdf)

concentration and biovolume — Report including Animals/L and biomass (.pdf)


count — Report with family counts (.pdf)