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Comprehensive Solutions for Your HAB Needs

We offer three options specifically tailored to address harmful algal blooms. These options are designed to deliver information on HAB-specific taxa including total sample and taxa-specific cell concentrations. Because we leverage our existing technology, we are able to provide our customers with the most accurate data possible in a considerably shorter period of time.

Check out our available HAB options below!



Rapid HAB Kit

The rapid hab kitis our most streamlined offering for harmful algal bloom analysis. The kit includes everything you need to safely collect and send a HAB sample to our lab. We think this kit is perfect for lake associations, beach monitoring programs, those with limited supplies, and to have results within 24 hours.  order today!

Kit includes:

  • Sample bottle, cooler, labels, & ice pack
  • Directions for sampling
  • Overnight return shipping label
  • Discounts for additional sample bottles




The IFCB HAB Only service leverages our semi-automated IFCB technology to efficiently identify HAB taxa. We are able to offer 24 to 72 hour results for most samples. Please contact us for availability. You can find out more about our IFCB technology on ourifcb analysispage.

How To Order:

  1. contact us to ensure availability
  2. Fill out an ifcb analysis request form
  3. Ship us your samples following our sample preservation and shippinginstructions



Manual Bloom Analysis

We offer two options for manual bloom analysis: Rapid Assay and Toxic/Bloom Scan. Both services allow for a faster turnaround time compared to our traditional phytoplankton services. See our send us samples page for how to send samples.

Rapid Assay

  • Qualitative species counts (when possible)
  • Weighted for biovolume
  • Option for 3 HPMA archival slides per sample

Toxic/Bloom Scan

  • Targeted counts for one species
  • Includes 3 HPMA archival slides per sample