Price List

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    Current as of 11/25/2019          
PRICE LIST          
PhycoTech, Inc. reserves the right to refuse improperly collected or leaking samples.          
Normal processing time is 14-16 weeks.          
4 week expedite: $64.00/sample; 72 Hour expedite: $125.00/sample (Must call ahead for availability before sending samples).           
Prices are per sample unless otherwise noted. One Sample = One Bottle           
Phytoplankton Analysis          
Prices include 3 HPMA archival slides/sample. Species counts do not include acid cleaning.          
Please specify if you want acid cleaning for diatom identifications to the species level for an additional $132.00 per sample.          
Many common, planktonic diatoms are easily speciated without acid cleaning.          
Calculation Level With Biovolume Calculations Without Biovolume Calculations          
Species Count $404.00 $293.00          
Genus Count $268.00 $191.00          
Division Count N/A $183.00          
Relative Count to Species N/A $293.00          
Relative Count to Genus N/A $191.00          
Phytoplankton Analysis Targeted for Algal Blooms          
Faster Turn Around time - please call for more information and process times.          
NOTE: Prices are for Freshwater Samples only.  Please call for pricing on marine samples.          
Calculation Level With 3 HPMA Slides Without HPMA Slides          
Rapid Assay: Qualitative Species (when possible) Assay weighted for Biovolume $205.00 $138.00          
Toxic/Bloom Scan, One Species $146.00 N/A          
Semi-Automated IFCB Algal Analysis          
Semi-automated imaging flow cytometry using a classifier model trained by Dr. Ann St. Amand (~ 140 classes and species groups including HAB taxa).  
MUST CALL FOR AVAILABILITY! Turn-around times dependent on availability and number of samples received.
Sample Type Live Preserved          
IFCB (Imaging FlowCytobot) - HAB taxa only, 72 hour turn-around if available $115 $125          
IFCB (Imaging FlowCytobot) - HAB taxa only, 24 hour turn-around if available $135 $145          
IFCB (Imaging FlowCytobot) - All identifiable taxa, 1 week turn-around if available $150 $160          
HAB Sample Kits (IFCB Service)              
Includes Sample Bottle, Cooler, Labels, Ice Packs and Overnight Return Label, 24 hour results $250 N/A          
Additional bottles for Sample Kit (includes analysis service) $140 N/A          
Periphyton Analysis          
Prices include 3 HPMA slides/sample.  
Samples that require the removal of periphyton from substrate (i.e. rocks, sticks, etc.) are subject to an additional charge of $38.00 per sample.
Calculation Level With Biovolume Calculations Without Biovolume Calculations          
Species Count (All periphyton counts to the species level for diatoms include acid cleaning and at least three Naphrax mounts.) 400 NU to total algal threshold and 500 valve count  $732.00 $625.00          
Genus Count $367.00 $294.00          
Division Count N/A $221.00          
Sediment Core Diatoms N/A $883.00          
Sediment Core Akinetes N/A $183.00          
Diatom count to species or below for diversity purposes Please Inquire - Based on time or taxa encountered, not counting threshold.           
Zooplankton Analysis          
Zooplankton counts include report and raw data file ( multiple formats available) and optically clear permanent slides (one per sample).
Counts reported as animals/L. Please contact us before sending Marine Samples.
Charges for the analysis remain the same as what is requested even in the event no zooplankton or adult male copepods are found in the sample.
Zooplankton prices are based on one (1) slide per sample, if the samples are Daphnid dominated, we suggest going to three (3) slides at an additional cost of $66/sample. Please specify 1 or 3 slides when requesting a quote, unless 3 slides are specified, we will base zooplankton counts and pricing on 1 slide.          
Calculation Level With Biomass Estimates Without Biomass Estimates          
Species Count (Copepods require Adult Males) $285.00 $229.00          
Genus Count (Copepods require Adult Males) $236.00 $195.00          
Zebra Mussel Veligers (no permanent slides, SR counts only, 10 Chambers) $228.00 $212.00          
Permanent Microscope Slide Mounts   Price Per Sample          
Slide mount only, (HPMA, 3 slides per sample)   $146.00          
Naphrax diatom mount (3 slides per sample)   $191.00          
Zooplankton permanent slide   $133.00          
Digital Photography          
Per Image   $38.00          
Identifications, Data & Graphical Analysis          
Price per hour (1 hour minimum)   $360.00          
Biomass - reported in mg or g          
Dry Weight Per Sample   $50.00          
Dry Weight/Ash-Free Dry Weight Per Sample   $76.00          
Miscellaneous Services          
Service   Price Per Sample          
Macroinvertebrate Family Count   $155.00          
Bacteria - Total Counts (DAPI Method)   $185.00          
Culturing (Per Taxon)   $526.00          
Chlorophyll-A   $111.00          
Microcystin Toxin Stick Test (Recreational, 0-10 mg/L)   $63.00