Our regional public television station, WNIT, attended the Regional Science Olympad event that we volunteered with. PhycoTech, Inc suppoorts this program in our local school district, and has for years, by mentoring teams and donating needed materials and supplies. We meet weekly with the kids after hours and on weekends to help them learn and build.   Here is the news clip!   Dr. Ann, was interviewed and you'll also see Cory, Hannah and Denise as timers for the Ping Pong rocket launch.  They needed a few additional folks to help, so our team stepped up to help the events run smooth!   The local high school and middle school teams were awarded  spots at the State competion (Which has just been cancelled for public saftey and healthy.) But we are proud of our students for all the time and efforts they give, and all the other mentors that lend time to the students over the course of the  season. 

Here is the Video Clip:   https://www.wnit.org/educationcounts/s/science-olympiad.html