Taxonomic Sites

Academy of Natural Sciences Rotifer Collection link
Arthropoda Gallery link
Ciliate Resource Archive (Image Archive) link
Freshwater rhizopods of North America (Joseph Leidy, M.D. published in 1879) link
Gallery of Rotifers link
Great Lakes Copepods link
Great Lakes Wildlife Photo Gallery Zooplankton link
Great Lakes Wildlife Photo Gallery Rotifers link
Intro to the Rotifer by UC Berkley link
Specimen Gallery Directory link
Image-based Key to Zooplankton of Northeast USA (Uni. of NH) link
USGS Zebra Mussel Information link
World Association of Copepodologists link
WoRMS (World Register of Marine Species) link
WWW Page of Jorge Ciros (Freshwater Zooplankton Cladocera, Copepoda and Rotifera) link
Zooplankton Project @ Missouri State University link
Zooplankton Ecology Lab @ Virginia Institute of Marine Science link