There are times that we are not in the office or unable to recieve samples due to training or being in the field teaching and sometimes volunteering with local youth.  We have added a holiday schedule to try and keep you up to date.  You can find our Holiday Schedule Here

We do appricate a heads-up email all through the year when samples are on the way, and what method they are being sent. This makes us aware to have staff waiting for UPS, FedEx or checking the mail box in anticipation. The PhycoTech staff works to recieve, log-in and process samples as quickly as possible and an email notice is very helpful.   You can send a simple email to  Let us know how samples are arriving, date of expected arrival, and how many samples we should verify. 

If you are sending samples for IFCB anaylsis - those samples should arrive Alive (unpreserved) and for 1030am early morning delivery. We prefer UPS or FedEx delivery for these samples. Visit our IFCB page or call for additional details.