Our Services

PhycoTech, Inc. specializes in the analysis of lake, reservoir, stream, well, and marine samples for suspended and attached algae and zooplankton. We also provide algal analysis for fish and macroinvertebrate guts, as well as diatom and akinete composition in sediment cores. We have been providing high quality aquatic sample analysis for over 27 years with Dr. St. Amand having over 32 years experience in the field. Our customers vary from governmental agencies, private industry and universities, to lake owners associations and individuals concerned about local water quality. PhycoTech has processed over 41,500 biological samples to date.

PhycoTech is the only commercial lab in North America to utilize a unique proprietary permanent mounting technique. These mounts allow you to get further data at a later date, as well as maintain a permanent archive of the sample that is easily stored, maintains fluorescence, and does not degrade with time. Permanent algal mounts allow archiving of diatoms and soft algae. Zooplankton mounts are stained and then permanently mounted for easier identification.