Raising the Standard of Aquatic Analysis

PhycoTech, Inc. specializes in the analysis of lake, reservoir, stream, well, and marine samples for suspended and attached algae and zooplankton. We also provide algal analysis for fish and macroinvertebrate guts, as well as diatom and akinete composition in sediment cores. We have been providing high quality aquatic sample analysis for over 27 years with Dr. St. Amand having over 32 years experience in the field. Our customers vary from governmental agencies, private industry and universities, to lake owners associations and individuals concerned about local water quality. PhycoTech has processed over 41,500 biological samples to date.

We are the only commercial lab in North America to use a proprietary permanent mounting method. Our permanent mounts allow our customers to maintain an archival reference for all samples that do not degrade over time. These mounts are available for diatoms, soft algae, and zooplankton.

We also offer additional services that include sediment core analysis, macroinvertebrate identification and enumeration, and chlorophyll-a and biomass. Click on the boxes below to see the all of our offered services!




PhycoTech 2021 Holidays

There are times when our office staff are in the field, teaching, or attending conferences and workshops. During these times, we are not able to receive shipments, run samples, send data, or return calls and emails. Please call ahead if you need IFCB samples or other rush services. We will not be able to receive samples on the following dates:

January 1 New Years Day - Office Closed
April 2-4 Easter - Office Closed
May 31 Memorial Day - Office Closed
July 3-4 Independence Day - Office Closed
September 6 Labor Day - Office Closed
November 15-19 NALMS - Office Closed
November 25-26 Thanksgiving - Office Closed
December 24-25 Christmas - Office Closed
December 31 New Years Eve - Limited staffing, please call ahead